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Select the dApps you are passionate about, start contributing to them right away. The community will peer-review your work and rate your talent.
No job interviews.
No permissions to ask
No boss, No bias

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Spot and attract the best contributors in your domain and reward them for their impact as per community review
No complex hiring process.
No remote work tracking hassles
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Let your talent do the talking.
Earn Reputation points (Talent IQ score).
Earn Rewards from dApps as an early or top contributor.
Stack as many dApps as you want. No Lock-ins.
Join a “hive” to tackle Requests for Contributions

Log your Contributions


When a dApp needs to get things done on a specific project, it simply submit a Request for Contribution.
Contributors gather in a hive to execute and collect the payouts.

  • Efficient work 24/7 as hive members are everywhere.
  • Collaborative & Complementary skills & Talents.
  • No anxiety on execution.
  • No hustles on assessing work done.
Reward contributors

Web3 Talent Economy

In Web3, your talent and track record is provable on chain: invest, nurture and mint it. It’s your best asset. dApps can spot, attract, reward the right talents to “moon” and worry less about sybil attacks.


From contributing to a dApp open source code to writing tutorials or moderating dApp discord, contributions come in all shapes. Log them in ICPad for the community to peer-review.
It’s your genius and track record, on chain.


Contributions are as critical as staking. Web3 projects reward nodes and token staking, but the greatest impact on projects always come from community contributions.
It’s time to make every contribution count and reward it.

Proof of Talent

Talent: native skills, even humans can’t fake

Web3 projects recognize the community contribution by rewarding early adopters with airdropped token. Unfortunately, every reward campaign today is subject to bots and sybil farming. Even retroactive campaigns aren’t safe anymore. We’re building Proof of Talent, a protocol to track contributions in projects, score talents and build authentic reputation in the web3 metaverse


Hives are talent pools. Contributors in the same domain or with complementary skills, gather to address sophisticated Requests for Contributions which individual contributors can’t tackle. The reward is shared fairly between members. It’s a for-purpose, temporary DAO to execute specific talents demands.

Request for Contributions

A dApp can submit a request for contribution with a scope, milestones and budget and let the best hive execute it. For each milestone, the community will fairly peer-review the Hive's contribution. Request for contributions can be confidential, only accessible to selected contributors or peer-reviewers.